• I can’t tell anyone about my abortion.  They just wouldn’t understand.

  • There are details about the abortion that I cannot remember.

  • I have lost interest in things I used to love since having the abortion.

  • I often feel angry and irritable.

  • I have difficulty maintaining relationships.

  • I used alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications once per week or more.

  • I find that I am repeating the same mistakes in my life.

  • I avoid people, places and things that remind me of my abortion.


There are many ways women and men can be affected by abortion.  For a complete list and a comprehensive self-test, please contact us.  If you identify with any of the symptoms above, or if you have questions, please call Debbie at 217.801.7566 or email DebbieShultz3038@icloud.com.    We want to help you heal from the heartbreak of abortion.



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