Our goal is to answer these three important questions for our patients who are making difficult pregnancy decisions: 

  • “Am I really pregnant?”

  • "How far along am I?"

  • "Do I have an STD?"

We offer pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and STD testing to help transform their fear into confidence and empower them to make informed, healthy decisions.  By sharing medically accurate information, embracing them in a caring atmosphere, and encouraging them to receive Christ’s love and destiny for their lives, we offer hope to mothers considering abortion.


I saw my son for the first time alive (on the ultrasound)…that changes things. -Anonymous

There are MANY reliable, quality resources in our community to help with various issues a patient may be experiencing.  We desire to link our patients with the appropriate resources to best serve her needs.


First Step Women's Center offers Surrendering the Secret study for women, and Healing a Father’s Heart study for men, in either a weekend retreat or 8-week format.  Our mission is to provide a supportive and confidential environment that facilitates healing and restoration, bringing a sense of hope and purpose for the future.

Conservative estimates claim that 43% of women of childbearing age have experienced an abortion.  They are your sisters, mothers, wives, and friends, and they carry an incredible burden while wearing a smile on their face.  Many struggle for years with repressed memories, guilt, shame, and depression.  Most women feel they are not allowed to talk about their abortion experience because it was their “choice.”


The fact is many women who have had an abortion also experience symptoms of post-abortion trauma.  They may not realize that these symptoms are directly related to their past abortion.  Often the medical, professional counseling, and pastoral communities overlook abortion as a risk factor in a woman’s physical and emotional health.


Millions of women and men hold this secret deep inside, and many are suffering severe consequences.


If you have never shared or been counseled regarding your abortion experience, it may be affecting your current quality of life.  Please take this quick survey to see how abortion is affecting your life.  First Step Women's Center offers a safe place to talk with other women and men who understand and allows you to connect with others who can help   You don’t have to be alone.  There is hope.  There is help.  Join us in the journey towards healing and restoration.




If you need someone to talk to, or if you have questions, please call Debbie at 217.801.7566 or email DebbieShultz3038@icloud.com.    We want to help you heal from the heartbreak of abortion.

God was right there with me revealing His love for me, His forgiveness, and His never ending mercy. He truly transformed my heart of stone toward my abortion to a heart set free to acknowledge and remember my child without guilt, shame, and fear.  God does perform miracles!  Glory be to God!  -Julie 


Debbie Shultz, Founder and Executive Director, is available to speak to your church, organization, school or youth group. 

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Debbie’s powerful personal testimony of the devastating effects of abortion on her life and marriage, and God’s redeeming grace bringing healing and freedom

  • Abortion education including statistics, effects of abortion on women and men, procedures and risks associated with abortion

  • Abstinence education

  • Practical tips for parenting the Millenial Generation

  • Sharing the Word of God regarding His endless love and grace

Thank you for your powerful testimony.  God’s work, through you, will and is changing the community and our world.  -Jessica

Your open heart and transparent call is an inspiration.-Greg 

Authentic-Real-Honest-Hopeful -Helena

Debbie was clear, direct, & funny…well done!  -Rachel

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