Baby Bottle Boomerang
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We are doing things a little differently this year.  Each Church will be able to pick a 4-week period of their choice to host the BBB, any time between 2/3/22 through 6/26/22.  Bottles and envelopes should be distributed on the Sunday which your church has chosen. The method you choose to distribute the bottles to your church will be decided by you and your pastor or other appropriate church leaders. 


We believe the most effective way to promote the campaign is to show the short video we provide (link to video will be sent to you on 2/4/22), or for the pastor to describe the promotion from the pulpit. It is also here on the website.  This way he can tell the members about the work of the center and have volunteers stationed at each exit from the worship building to distribute the bottles at the conclusion of the worship service. For smaller churches/groups, it’s helpful to have a sign-out sheet in order to follow-up effectively with each participant

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